Bartender Tales: The Quest For Bob Marley

Ricky is jobless and broke. He is desperate to get out of his bad situation but instead sits in bars, surfing the Internet. Enter Casey and Madison, two tourist girls who believe he can help them find some weed at a good price on the island. They see him as a conduit for fun. In them, he sees a way to make some quick money. And so begins their quest for the elusive “Bob Marley.” Continue reading Bartender Tales: The Quest For Bob Marley

Photo Blog: Summertime inferno

Flamboyant trees blossom in late June/early July on St. Maarten. Their signature crimson flowers spring from the scrawny branches like embers, hopping from one ancient trunk to the next and setting the skyline ablaze. Here are a few photos of a recent visit to Emilio Wilson Park on St. Maarten, featuring flamboyants. Continue reading Photo Blog: Summertime inferno