Photo Blog: About Grand Parade 2017

Want a real workout?

Do the annual Carnival Grand Parade.

The grand parade route is grueling. Yes, I’ve said that before about longer walkathon routes. But here’s the thing about shooting parades: to it right, you can’t just walk alongside all day or, egads, stand in one spot and wait for it to pass.
To shoot it right, you, I, retrace steps, follow troupes for 10-15 minutes and then leap ahead or behind to spot the next set. It’s a high-intensity marathon that often ends in disappointment and fleeting moments of sheer joy (Why? Because sometimes you thought you captured gold, and in post-production, you realize it’s actually lead).
I don’t mean to make it seem anything less than a great experience.


(Click here to see my Grand Parade photos.)

It’s terrific exercise, and if you know what you’re doing and can capture candids, you’ll be treated to all types of wonderful facial expressions, and if you’re paying attention, you’ll catch interesting moments.
I dislike when people stop being themselves to pose for photos, and usually, I either refuse shoot them or if I do, scrap the frame after quick consideration.
Every now and then, though, the subject is so interesting that it can transcend even the vanity of uncomfortable poses.
Either way, I prefer candids.

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