Blog: Back to Basics or Rediscovering Myself

A day in late September, I found myself practically climbing the walls. My house at the time was still in darkness. I was still drifting from outlet to outlet to stay connected to the outside world, and then I saw my sketchbook and thought, ” Do I still have it?”

The first thing that came to mind was taking this character I created about four years for another storm and crafting a new tale around her. So, I picked up said book, which was just a little older than the earliest sketches inside, and started scratching pencil marks onto the page.

For context, I was once known for my sketching. I wasn’t some award-winning young prodigy, though depending on whom you talked to, I did have some natural aptitude for it. Actually, sketching kept me sane through a not-quite-so-pleasant adolescence.  I’ve said it many times but while most people were busy making friends, I was making up friends — and at a breakneck pace.

From ages six to about nineteen, I filled dozens of sketchbooks, notepads, composition books and really anything else I could draw on with characters of my own creation. Granted, many were clearly borrowed from existing work, but a lot of them were wholly original*. I recently excavated my childhood bedroom of the books and scraps of paper, intending to scan and store them for some future date to look upon.

I’ve uploaded a few of the most recent sketches. These are all live sketches, drawn in October at various locations including restaurants and bars.

I’ve left out the more ds. I won’t tell you to expect its release. Whenever I do that, I find myself slacking off on producing. Instead, I’ll suggest that I will have more coming at some point in the future, and I will aim for shameless self-promotion in releasing content from now on.

Fun fact: Live sketching is a fairly new hobby. I sketched sporadically throughout college, mostly for the sake of distracting myself from something else or deciding that my creative moment should supersede my professor’s instruction.

*There’s this amazing episode of NPR’s Ted Radio Hour that questions the idea of original work . It’s a fascinating discussion.

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