Photo Blog: Saba Day Weekend

Here’s my reel from the Saba Day weekend festivities. I’ll talk more about my favorite moments from now on.

Fishing is a large part of classic Saba culture. When people lived off the land and raised cattle for food and profit, they, also, took to the seas to claim its bounty, not for glory but for sustenance. On this day, however, fishing was a contest of honor. Prizes were awarded to the boaters who could catch the largest, longest and heaviest fish during a day-long excursion in the waters just off Saba’s southern shores.

I thought it was interesting that the wives and children and family of these fishermen were waiting ashore as the boats with their loved ones eased into port. I shot this among two dozen other frames, which no one else will ever see.

Shooters will notice the flare, and that blast of light bothered me. But I didn’t have much of an option. I lost my lens somewhere shooting the aftermath of Irma, and I couldn’t find a worthwhile replacement.

I don’t have much to say about this besides it’s something I noticed that seemed it would be fun. I imagine in some distance universe fish use fish to catch humans . Here’s the story in my head: This fish hanging in the foreground and this curious human considering whether to pluck it and eat it, not knowing what’s on the other end.





Every now and then, I shoot something that I know is going to be an important photo for me. Ironically, this wasn’t one of those times. I saw this little blond boy wrestling with the restraints of his stroller throughout the afternoon. I’ve been restricted to 120mm at the long end, so I would have to get in close. But he was clearly the camera-aware type. Typically, I prefer candids, even of little humans.

And then the sky opened, and rain fell. A canopy of gray had been threatening rain for some time, but then it finally started pouring, little drizzle and then a heavier rain. The boy’s mother, I’m assuming, was about trying to get him back into the stroller as most people were seeking shelter. I turned just in time to see her about to lift him into the stroller. *Snap* Very candid moment I thought. His face is both plea and challenge.

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